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Mar, 2020

Player Assessments On Sunday, March 8

On Sunday, March 8, we will be holding assessments or player evaluations at Downingtown West High School on Manor Avenue. The purpose of player evaluations is so we have balanced teams in all of our divisions and to place your player in the division where they will grow and flourish the most. Coaches will assess speed and agility, batting, and fielding. 

Below are the division time slots. Your child should plan to attend the slot in which he or she is registered. If you do not know the division in which your child is registered, please log into your DLL account and check. 

If your child is registered in one division, and wishes to "play up" to another division, he/she should attend BOTH time slots. Example: child is registered in rookies but wishes to be evaluated for minors. The child would have to attend both the 1pm and 2pm assessment. 

1pm - AA (Rookies) 
2 pm - AAA (minors)
3 pm - Majors AND Juniors
No assessments for teeball and seniors baseball

4:30pm - Rookies and Minors
No assessments for majors, juniors, seniors softball

If you have coached in the past, you are welcome to evaluate players during your child's time slot. We welcome the extra help. 

Players should bring their equipment (Helmets, Gloves, Bats, etc), but no cleats as it will be indoors. 

If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email. If your child cannot attend assessments, please let us know. 

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